Plan Ahead for Your Landscape Project

Contemporary landscape

If you have a landscape project that you want done before a big event such as a graduation or wedding, be sure to plan ahead.  Depending on the size of your landscape project, installation could take a couple of days to several weeks.  Once the season is in full swing, landscapers can be booked out months in advance, especially with our short season here in Minnesota, so consider planning months, if not a year in advance to make sure your project gets done in time.  Planning far enough in advance can also help you budget.  Meeting with a landscape designer and getting an estimate of the projected cost is your first step.  Once a decision is made to go ahead with the project, a down payment is required to begin the process of designing.  There may be several meetings between you and the designer before the plan is firmed up.  Once the design plan is perfected, your project will be scheduled.  If you have a landscape project you’d like us to take a look at, contact us at

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