Top Garden and Landscape Trends in the Twin Cities


As the temperatures start to heat up, we think spring.  We thought it would be fun to take a look at the top landscape and garden trends in the Twin Cities. These projects can be completed by homeowners and gardeners on their own as weekend projects.  However, consulting a local nursery or landscaper for more information and guidelines are suggested.  Here are a couple of tips and suggestions.


We’re increasingly seeing homeowners more conscious of their environment and not wanting to introduce foreign chemicals or plants into their yards.  Many homeowners prefer to go with locally grown plants that were produced without herbicides, pesticides or unnatural fertilizer.  Likewise, homeowners are requesting and selecting native plants authentic to the Midwest, bought from local nurseries where they were grown.


Landscape lighting can be one of the most effective ways to enhance your garden.  You want to be able to see your beautiful garden in the evenings and mornings, so lighting should be at the top of the list for things you need to add.  Lighting can be very simple or very complex.  Most people stick to solar lights from your local garden supply or hardware store and there are a few great options for those.  However, a more high-quality, long-term lighting solution is to have low-voltage garden lights wired in.  These lights are much higher quality and are better equipped to withstand harsh Minnesota weather.  Low voltage garden lights also have many cool features such as smarthphone apps, timers, LED brightness settings and so on.  These lights give you much more creativity and options when it comes to customizing your preferences and lighting styles.

WATER FEATURESPond water feature

Many people enjoy having the sound of a relaxing waterfall or pond in their garden.  Incorporating a water feature is a great way to invite wildlife and nature into your garden or yard, as well as providing the opportunity to introduce new aquatic plants into your garden.  Pondless waterfalls are a great option for a low-maintenance water feature because there is no above-ground water for algae to grow in, which means no harsh chemicals or cleanings are needed.  Not only do these waterfalls create a beautiful melody to listen to, but children love to explore around the waterfalls and interact with nature.


Vertical planters are becoming more common in smaller living spaces.  We’re seeing clients growing plants in areas that aren’t being used, such as fences and walls.  These are often found in small backyards and used as privacy barriers.  Instead of wooden fences, we’re seeing more people choosing to go with vertical planters, which mainly consist of growing a variety of perennials and annuals out of a fence to create a natural-looking barrier.  these can be bought pre-made or homeowners can have an entire fence custom made to support a vertical garden.  These are a great choice to turn a boring fence into a beautiful work of art.


Edible plants are a great way to make your yard look beautiful, yet practical at the same time.  We see more and more people wanting to spend their money on gardens that will provide food for their families.  Lettuce, kale, blueberries and many other fruits, vegetables and herbs are ways to bring color and purpose to your garden.  These will not only add aesthetic improvements but will help your family eat healthy in 2018.  There’s nothing like incorporating home-grown fruits and vegetables into your family’s home-cooked meals.

Article written by Carson Schifsky, Schifsky Landscaping Co.

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